Love’s Short Tale

Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash

Once Upon A Time,
there was an island where all Sentiments were living together in peace; Happiness, Sorrow, Knowledge, Arrogance, Love and the rest.
One day, bad news arrived. The island would sink and each one should create a boat and save herself.
Love was the only one out of All Sentiments left behind. She wanted to be strong until the last minute.
When the island started sinking, Love started asking the other Sentiments for help.
First she goes to Wealth who was crossing by with his fancy yacht.
“Hey Wealth, can you please take me with you?” Love asks.
“No, I can’t” wealth replied.
“I carry a lot of Gold and Silver” Wealth continued.
“There is no space for you.”
Then Love sees Arrogance passing by.
“Please help me” Love said.
“Sorry, I can’t. You are wet and tired and you are going to mess up with my beautiful boat”.
Sorrow was close, so Love turned to her.
“Sorrow, please let me come with you.”
“Oh Love, I am so sad. I want to be alone. Sorry.”
Then Happiness was the next to pass by.
But she was so happy that couldn’t hear Love pleading for help.
Love, desperate as she was, realized she is going to die and stopped any effort of saving herself.
Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, she heard a voice of a man calling her. He invited her to join his boat. She didn’t know him, but jumped over. He was her last hope.
After they arrived to the shore, she thanked him heartily. Realizing how much she owed to him, she went to ask Knowledge’s opinion who was living nearby.
“Dear Knowledge, tell me please who was the kind old guy who saved me? I owe him my life.” Love asked
“Oh, the old guy was Time”, Knowledge replied.
“Time?” Love wondered. “Why did he help me? No one else did..”
“Oh, child” she smiled and with her familiar wisdom replied:
“Time is the only one that understands how important Love is.”

  • For Vicky writing is a need for existing. Diving into the darkness to find the light. Exploring the intersection between writing and emotions. Enjoy her beautiful prose.

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