Let them Speak

Photo by Maria Krisanova on Unsplash

Every time you hush down a women’s word,
And suppress their opinions to be,
Citing it as unintellectual, unimportant, and of no need,
You are giving rise to a thunder of rebellion confidentially
Which do not demoralize them,
Instead of it,
It makes them feel that their say is significant and revolutionary,
As a mason, your every oppression on women is that block of brick
That you are laying one upon the other, day by day orderly,
Which will end up forming a foundation of a wall, a cliff,
Of unshakable strength and adamant will,
You build it concrete and so artistically with an objective,
So that their voices cannot cross your supremacy,
Contrarily this is now their armor against patriarchy,
Which your no shovel of conspiracy can penetrate and deplete.

  • I am Writer through random bursts of inspiration and an engineer by education.

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