Injunction of Insecurity

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

Routines constitute comfort.
Routines fabricate security.
For they mask imperfections,
But surface immaturity.

We work to be recognized.
We argue to intimidate.
We blind our conscious,
With our egos as we celebrate.

Our opinions become facts
As our insecurities prevail,
Because narcissism thrives
On the weak and the frail.

Arrogance and ignorance
Impede our ability
o forgive and forget
And ascertain congruity.

Knowledge is not power
Without the wisdom to listen.
To the pain of heart,
Who we forever reminisce in.

  • Is a Clinical Pharmacy Practitioner at a large, academic medical center. He embraces life with the intent of maintaining balance in all aspects of his life.

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