In All of Your Pain

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

In all of your anger
You lit fires in my chest.
Now the flames rise
To my skull
And my mind can not rest.

The smoke fills my lungs
And I can not breathe.
So my eyes cry
And try
to put it out
But the pain just doesn’t leave.

And eventually
everything turns to ash
And what’s left inside me
Is basically trash;

And I smile in silence-
Internally screaming
Because in all of your pain
You forgot
That you were not
The only one feeling.

When you closed your eyes
Mine were open
And in all of your chaos
I was broken.

But I will pick up my pieces
And rearrange them
I’ll find every mark
you left
And I will change them.

I will sculpt my burning skin
Into something more beautiful
To dress myself in.

I will be gentle
And I will be kind
Because in all of the pain
You put me through
My patience grew.

  • I am a biracial, female poet and aspiring writer for feminist issues- particularly of eastern culture.

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