I Love You Life, Again

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash
When did I stop loving my life? 
Was it when I thought of cutting myself with a knife? 
Or was it when I had no one to confide, 
Maybe the first time when I cried myself to sleep at night. 

I don't know when did I start feeling lonely in a room full of people? 
Was it when the demons took over just like when I was little? 
Why did I feel hollow in the pit of my stomach when I just ate? 
Was it because it was anxiety again who knocked on my gate? 

Why was it that I lay down, 
Just an empty ceiling was all I see? 
Was it because of my own sleep  
Has broken up with me? 
When staring blankly at walls 
Seemed like a favourite pastime. 
When sadness and despair became 
dear friends of mine. 
When I let myself drown in the train of thoughts,
Which rendered me devastated and compelled me to rot.  

Maybe it was then I stopped loving my life. 
It was then I forgot the meaning within which it lies.
The sheer beauty of seeing the world with two eyes.  
The faith that after every sunset, there will be a sunrise. 

Why did I stop loving my life? 
I am still finding a reason why I am alive. 
Maybe I am born for a greater cause, 
Or just like everybody, waiting for god to press pause. 
  • My name is Pooja Gujral. I am a Final Year Engineering Student with a knack for Poetry and Music. I started writing poems after completing my schooling and until now I have written 50+ poems on many themes. I love to read classics and fiction. I also listen to podcasts in my leisure time. Writing is my passion and I would love to share my writings with the world and inspire as many lives as possible.

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