How’s Your Writing Life?

When I was young, a neighbor had me impressed once with her wide vocabulary. She was mentioning words that I haven’t heard before. I felt like a dunce during that time. Her only flaw was her arrogant nature judging me at the back of her mind because I could barely understand what she’s saying.

I vow to myself after the terrible experience that I will try to read more and learn. My love for reading has my imagination soaring and ideas fill my head. I have fallen in love with poetry first. I have written various poems from the emotions that I had encountered during my teenage years.

My interest to write fiction was awakened by the first literary publication I had received in college. That publication had given me the desire to create stories. My writing was placed on hold when I got overwhelmed by the pressure of making it as an adult in the world of the employed. I had been on a long writing hiatus.

I left my home country years ago to live and study overseas. The isolation and loneliness while away was tormenting. I was helpless. In my anguish, I decided to pick up the pen and wrote my first poetry since the hiatus. I poured out all of my pent up frustration in writing. My passion to write again was regained.

I am now trying to write a young adult fiction. It is not easy but I am satisfied with the few chapters that I have written so far. I don’t know how long it will take me but I’ll keep pressing on to finish.

How’s your writing life? Is it smooth sailing, chaotic or dormant? Regardless of the answer, only you can define your writing life. Each one is unique. Every writer experiences a different journey. Everyone has a story to tell. It is not a competition. Your progress is different from the others. It is not a race. You alone can set your own pace. Truth to be told, a series of setbacks can disrupt your writing journey. If your passion is strong enough, it can weather the storm and second chance will take you back to a fresh start.

I'm a dreamer and writer. I create stories to let my imagination roam free.

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