How to Meditate

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash
-eyes close-
legs cross feet fizz pineal pumps;
fantastical reams chimerical dreams
screen on id’s secret cinema; its ego
v superego as mind body spirit unreel,
Dylan chants: you’re invisible now no
secrets to conceal.
 sideways eyes say:
hey may I borrow your epiphany?
and you stare into the vacuum of
his eyes and say: hey do you want to
make a deal?
 paws clasp jaws clench
gordian knots dissolve, limbs scream
pounding in time with jack hammer rain
on tin, a hungry breeze seeps in to open
pores, pause…you sense your Self
-eyes dance-
  • JLO is a traveler, writer, flawed feminist and sometime poet, based somewhere between Europe and Asia... Enjoy her wonderful prose.

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