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How to Die for Love

and so how is it now
as I feel my life spiriting away
by one’s hands once locked
around my heart in love
now around my throat in murder
how is it now this scene occurs?
my eyes feel the liquid not tears
but fluid from inside my head
leaking streaked red down my cheeks
once tears of ecstasy but tonight
the smell of blood is staining my breast
from one who now wishes my death…
I see our shadows on the wall dance
in combat I fall and he is on my chest!
how did this twist of fate become such
from the man I wished for as my mate?
as the moon projects through a window
my violent end an uncoiled history rewind
begins…and so I met him on a social web
this stranger who promised love unrequited
this photograph this voice this cyber messenger
from my laptop came alive and we committed!
What was it that first began this my end I pray…
an argument a push a slap a bruise to an arm
or was the man I met some internet serial killer?
too late now for me my nightmare is almost over
blackness blindness roaring in my ears a grave.



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Susan Beckman has been a commercial puppeteer since her early twenties. She is a Philosophical Poet and Cartoonist who has written for several Newspapers and had a satirical column in a Washington Illinois paper. She has commentaries and poems and prose published.