Hopelessness and Pain Inside

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

Curled up, in the darkest corner of my room
My heart, my mind, thoroughly filled with gloom
staring unblinkingly from the window pane
the pale, faded moon

Trying hard to see its beauty
Trying hard to savour the divinity
But only I can see, unsightly scars
As only darkness reside inside me

Hopeless hands, desperately searching, a little peace somewhere
Only failures found by me, now my heart, full of despair
I see, in front of my eyes, my dreams falling apart
Unable to survive this wicked world, my soul, tremendously scared

Paranoid, perplexed, beating every door of hope
Every door sealed, can’t found by me any scope
I am lost, failed, frustrated, terrified
So much pain, now, seems I can’t cope

Waiting for the liberation
In this flesh crawling night, waiting for the dawn to come
May be one day, divine mercy will wash away the pain
Till then, trying not to succumb.

  • Saarthak Haldar is a science writer and a poet . He likes to express his thoughts and feelings by poetry . He has written science articles and journals .His poems are on human emotions and about nature .

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