Homicidal Pens

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Homicidal pens.
My temperamental friends.
Killers on a murder mission,
Who journeys on with no end.

With it’s bleeding ink
that so furiously drops,
Such graceful philosophies
of exhausted thoughts.

It’s wars of a dialogue.
Wars of the swords.
Lyrical battles of
The Prophecy Lords.

With it’s truth and it’s proof
existing through this…..
Through expressions of a dopeness,
So sick with a twist.

How gracious the intellect
that so fiercely inspired.
How proper the etiquette
from the righteous freedom survivors.

It’s like a killer turned fiend.
Suicidal with a dream.
The raged-out murders
of the insane poetic screams.

Guest Poet

Julie Ann Garcia

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