Have You Any Lies You’d Like to Sell?

now here we go again
we say we want our freedom
and who are you to keep us down
it isn’t right that you should

pave the way you see it
so listen carefully to the sound
of our loneliness
as lockdown drives us mad

in the stillness of remembering 
what we had
and what we’ve lost
and what we have

oh blizzards only happen when it’s snowing, rulers only reap what they are sowing;
Winters they will come and they will go;
when the plague washes you clean
you’ll know

now here we go again,
we see no crystal vision
we keep our terrors to ourselves
it’s only right we want to

wrap around our dreams, so
have you any lies you’d like to sell
to our lonely lives 
as lockdown drives us mad

in the stillness of remembering
what we had
and what we lost
and what we have…

  • JLO is a traveler, writer, flawed feminist and sometime poet, based somewhere between Europe and Asia... Enjoy her wonderful prose.

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