Gentle But Strong

Your smile was a charming sight,
To mask the look inside your eyes.
Your hands were creeping close to me,
While I believed your clever lies.

Your body was a building,
Looming over mine.
Your being was a tower,
I thought I was just fine.

We never know until it happens,
And then we blame ourselves.
You break our courage proudly,
And turn our minds to hell.

Now I can not take you from my brain,
And I can not speak your name.
You’ve left my ribcage empty,
But you are still the same.

Your face is painted in my scull,
Your body flashes through my mind.
Your touch is melted in my skin,
I thought you were just kind.

Walking through the hallways,
My eyes will hover by the ground.
My voice box has gone hollow,
And I can not make a sound.

The powerlessness I’m trapped in,
Caters to the silence.
Were you really bad though?
You never did use violence.

You were somehow still quite gentle,
And I could’ve pushed away.
I should have kept my distance,
But I chose to let you stay.

I trusted your intentions,
I guess it’s my mistake.
Now I’m hiding in the corner,
And I haven’t seen you break.

A Free Verse Poem by Bleeding Teardrops

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