Fragments of Reality

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Be still. Hold on. It will come to pass. You will emerge triumphantly.

I feel so weary, 
And sleepy as a log, 
But I should go on 
And keep on writing.

Whatever arises, 
However I feel, 
Whenever I can’t, 
Wherever I am in my journey; 
Somehow, I could think of something; 

Maybe along the way,  
Or just at the sidelines.  
I am not sure how, 
Yet I should hearten myself. 
Unceasingly, as the rain; 
And fervently, as my love for you.

Who else will do this for me? 
So earnestly as I can, 
Who else will buck me up? 
As fiery as I am now. 
What do you say? 
Yes, it’s only you, my plain old soul.
  • Just juggling between being a frontliner at day time, a content writer at night time and a sole mom of four gifted kiddos; coffee and choco lover, too.

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