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Shakespearean Tragedy

Flash Fiction by Susan Cornford Susan Cornford is a retired public servant, living in Perth, Western Australia. She/her has had ... Read more

For All

Poem by Luisa Kay Reyes Luisa Kay Reyes has had pieces featured in "The Raven Chronicles," "The Windmill," "The Foliate ... Read more


Poem by Krista Sanford Krista Sanford graduated from Ball State University with her BA in Creative Writing and Literature. Her ... Read more

22 my husband

Free Verse Poem by Phoenix Lilly Phoenix Lilly is a poet who was born in Oregon and recently moved to ... Read more


Short Story by Anna Rozwadowska Anna Rozwadowska, Ph.D., is an environmental management social ecologist, psychic, writer and editor. She dabbles ... Read more

The Water Calls

Free Verse by Lee Conrad First appeared on Storystar. Lee Conrad lives in upstate New York with his longtime love ... Read more

Holly Jolly Highjinks

Short Fiction by Kelly Turner Kelly is an emerging writer whose work has appeared in The Dillydoun Review. I work ... Read more

Christmas at Snow Hill

Short Fiction by Jonathan Hunter Jonathan Hunter is a Flash Fiction Writer from Solihull, UK. He enjoys writing flash fiction ... Read more

My Memories — The Mirror

Flash Fiction Story by J C Scull JC Scull worked internationally and traveled to approximately seventy-seven countries. Most recently lived ... Read more

Holiday Games

Short Story by By Margaret D. Stetz Margaret D. Stetz is the Mae and Robert Carter Professor of Women’s Studies ... Read more

A Still Palette

Poem by Dibyasree Nandy Dibyasree Nandy began writing at 27, two years ago, after completing M.Sc and M.Tech. Since then, ... Read more

The Sacred Tempest

Free Verse Poem by Amada Ayafa Tekena resides in Nigeria. He is a poet, He has a penchant for writing ... Read more

view published articles on writtentales.substack.com.