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Chimney Christmas

Short Fiction by Jon Moray Moray has been writing short stories for over a decade. His work has appeared in ... Read more

Poem by Anna Rozwadowska

Benevolence Anna Rozwadowsk, Ph.D., is a long-time writer on Medium and other writing platforms. She was born in Gdynia, Poland ... Read more

Home for Christmas

Prose by Lauren Scharhag Lauren Scharhag is an award-winning author of fiction and poetry, and a senior editor at Gleam. ... Read more

You Be The Light

Anaphora Poem by Beth Brody Beth Brody has over a dozen published poems for children and adults, in journals and ... Read more

Poem by Eleanor Kristan

To Escape Eleanor Kristan is a high school student with a keen interest in writing and reading poetry. She lives ... Read more

Poem by Frogg Corpse

Appalachian Yule Frogg Corpse is a poet, vocalist, and photographer from Louisville, Kentucky. Frogg's poetry invokes feelings of gloom & ... Read more

Finding Santa Claus

Short Story by Mark Ready Mark is a self-taught writer who works in the kitchens at Washington State University in ... Read more

Shakespearean Tragedy

Flash Fiction by Susan Cornford Susan Cornford is a retired public servant, living in Perth, Western Australia. She/her has had ... Read more

For All

Poem by Luisa Kay Reyes Luisa Kay Reyes has had pieces featured in "The Raven Chronicles," "The Windmill," "The Foliate ... Read more


Poem by Krista Sanford Krista Sanford graduated from Ball State University with her BA in Creative Writing and Literature. Her ... Read more

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