Evade the Bitterness of Censorship

When the wind takes its course, with the water in discourse
When the sun strikes the sky with its ray akin amorse
Bathes nature in glistening glitter emanating enveloped charm
God’s peace flows through expanses little perceived by man – the detonator of harm

Man strikes the kind, chokes the steadfast, and enslaves the sublime
Censorship is but a small word for a sin extended, exacerbated, and elevated
Unjustly assumed entitlement to imbibe the title not entitled to
Unfairly taken claim to heave and hurl a breathing existence
Unreasonably inferred authority to rob the privilege of a sterling soul
Undeservedly seized liberty to tarnish the clear expanses of refined thought

Little man recollects that freedom to choose is the Will of God
Little man admits that freedom to speak is the Will of God
Little man acknowledges that freedom to do is the Will of God
Little man reveals the innermost truth of his true intent

Oh man who attempts to decelerate the pursuit of a truth-seeker
Oh man who strives to falter the courage of the steady courser
Oh man who aims to ruin the toils of the deprived believer
Oh man who endeavors to undermine the quest of a weary mother

Censorship in every story is the same game plan with an impact so profound
Lays down the unsaid norms for those who pursue common ground
The defamer, the fraudster, the backbiter, the oppressor, the hound
A man who considers oneself not answerable to God, to virtue not bound

Unspoken truth transmutes to splinters not healed
It is nectar unrevealed, disguised, and sealed
A story of wisdom and guidance repealed
A path obstructed lest it lead to paradise surreal

Imagine a world with expanses blue and green
Singing the song of birds as free as a dream
Pulsating the word of God, a melodious theme
An unstoppable stream, an ever-expanding light-beam

Not touched by malice, an eroding offender
Not painted in anguish, not bathed in grief
Not swayed by doubt, a crippling trespasser
Not immersed in affliction, not plunged in gloom

A world without censorship is a world well-healed
Fastened in the mercy of God, a miracle well-sealed
The unjust standards imposed by man well-repealed
Towards a path to paradise, a journey surreal

by Safia Fatima Mohiuddin

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