Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows
where attention goes
what you focus on
surely grows

Being conscious
of this fact
makes life simple
yet complex

For human emotions
are always at play
shaping our thoughts
along the way

So what kind of focus
do you give
when life gives another
lesson to live

I know first hand
that life can be tough
the roads aren’t paved
the jungle is rough

But ask your self
what can you do
when disaster decides
to visit you

Keep it simple
smile the shadows away
go with your emotions but…
don’t let them rule your day

The freedom of choice
and the power of your mind
gives you the ability
to turn on the light

In the darkest of places
in time and space
yes, you have the power
to make a change

To rise and shine
and truly be
who you are
and write your destiny

Energy flows
where attention goes
what you focus on
surely grows

A Free Verse Poem by LadyFae

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