Endeavors of a Broken Heart

You left me at my worst,
while I was all set to hold you at your adverse
So now I have to trodden on the empty street,
carrying more than the worst of me

But can I go on with my best left behind with you?
The show must go on, the say is huge.
So I walk along the pathway with no conscience attached
and all desires detached.

With so many failures held in heart,
I ought to have some strength in parts,
I go on where ever may lead my fate,
’cause I know it’s just late,

To make amends for the love that went
and Oh! So suddenly made its descent
I have to trod through the forest of unsuccessful path,
 yet missing is all the wrath

As worst never ends with pain,
but goes on as a reign
I ought to surrender the once held best
and embrace all the compromises losing all the zest

And trodden down the inevitable path as you behest..

by SindkarP

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