by Ricardo Gomez on Unsplash
To be human
Is to awaken to a state of paradox
To conceive the idea of infinity but not be able to imagine it
To develop a science which can split the atom
Yet ultimately cannot say what it is
Because solid matter is mostly empty space
And you cannot know where and when an electron is
You have to choose which to write down
To have a language to share ideas
And be unable to agree on them
Or even be able to express them clearly enough
To be able to conceive of God
And kill each other over our idea of what God is
To feel you have a higher purpose
And yet to find that purpose eternally elusive
To conceive of timeless eternity
And live each finite moment in succession
To be asleep while you think you are awake
Wandering in dreams
To love someone with all your heart
And be unable not to hurt them
You are an electron
An undefined quantum of potentiality
Looking for its nucleus
  • Unjay is a yoga teacher, musician, artist, and graphic designer in Semaphore, South Australia.

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