Earth’s Wonders

Photo by Kristina Wagner on Unsplash
Many have not enjoyed this wonder!
Layered sandstone, sturdy, and wind polished
Bushes force their way through uneven cracks
Patches of lichen on sunny slopes
Opposite, none on shady ones
In the distance, a blue-hued mountain,
Appearing close but very distant
Quite an achievement to reach the top
A river snakes through the depths
A canyon formed by winds and age
Cumulous clouds hanging barely above ridges
Many have not enjoyed this wonder for…
Without health and my ability to climb
I would not endure to enjoy God’s majesty and grace
In forming these rocks especially for my benefit
  • I've been writing all my life, it comes naturally. Since I've retired, I've gotten into it full-time. I am interested in all the arts--studied music, done oil painting, photography as well as learning constantly.

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