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Drowning feeling as if there's no way up 
A word that has much meaning if you look it up 
But to me, this word simply applies to how I feel 
Drowning as if I can't provide for things to make someone feel 
Drowning in an abyss I feel I can't escape from the abyss 
Drowning and seeing all around me trying to escape from the abyss 
Can they do it, or can they not?
That's a question I'm afraid I can answer not  
Or an answer that all can not 
Drowning more and more feeling pressure 
Trying to go back up to relieve this pressure 
Sadly a pressure I cannot escape from
These days feel as if the pressure is hard to escape from  
Is this a cry for help? a cry for attention? 
Or simply crying out for someone to listen? 
Sounding like a broken record 
Hoping someone can help me change the record 
A record in my self 
A record that seems to not change to start anew 
A record that wants to be new 
A record that is tired of feeling new when it is not
A drowning that this record can't seem to escape from 
Afraid of sharing so publicly, and feeling broken  
Am I broken? 
Am I a broken record that can't swim? 
Am I a broken record that can't stop drowning?
  • College student, dreams of wanting to be a video game designer with my own business and possibly a great writer on the side. Love video games, quality time, listening to thoughtful videos on subjects I am interested in, and breakdowns of my favorite movies or movies I haven't heard of.

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