Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash
I ponder in disbelief 
The wind that never touched my face, 
The whites, canary, pinks, and blues of dawn dismissed, 
The rises, I ignored to climb,  
Mountain sheep I never photographed, 
Walks down windy trails, I never took, 
The sunshine, I squandered, 
Thinking I could go another day. 
The cloudless days behind pleated blinds, 
The coffee shops with gorgeous smells, 
I strolled straight past, thinking “not right now” 
With fear about perfection, the sports untried, 
The clothes unmatched upon which I relied, 
Friendships I dismissed, with choice to be alone, 
Now haunt me all day long. 
The sunsets of pinks, of periwinkles and blues, 
I’ve lost inside my old pajamas.
  • I've been writing all my life, it comes naturally. Since I've retired, I've gotten into it full-time. I am interested in all the arts--studied music, done oil painting, photography as well as learning constantly.

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