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Homes that have become cages where souls are stuck. Without them knowing about it much.
They think they are living their lives well. Instead, they are spending time in hell.

They think they have true friends who come over to sip some rum.
The moment you do not resonate with their ideals their shadows too go mum.

The true compassion that they now long for.
For they have left long back somewhere on the way they came from.

It is not going to be the same again. I am not going to be sane again.
My people will not hear that careless laughter ever. I will not be able to be at peace ever.

That true old friend of yours is still there. He has not left your side ever.
Just that your paths changed somewhere. He is just a call away somewhere.

Get over that evil that is controlling you. Let go of the fear that is penetrating in you.
Pick that phone and seek your friend. For he is waiting to hear you on the other end.

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