Dead Eye

So as my emotional gulp slaps a drum beat to drivelling side steps
I sway toward a silver fold in the colorless cloud under nimbus nods

Arrid noise or sounds of petaled flowers rotting my lunaria dust-ups
Lost, no loss of taste was washed-off by memories my tongue ropes

Torn will breaks loose of unnerving bravery and disrobes of shame
Mire for an eternity shaping, grappling cages in infamy upon edges

Upon a shore still but, moving a weak, a wreck and abhorred untame
Apparent hours blindness by scented breaking waves plethoric

Revert has yearns gutted, invested neither minds nor limbs
Pleases to suffer warping future dark blue knots, a madam charade

Scar-sunned sects ribbon starving awkward shivering cause casually
Happen have you divide unforced my heart, divorced from assuming

by our guest writer Coll Mur

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