Dance of My Life

The music within is the best music of all.

I hear it in my mind, guiding me. Inviting, tempting, exciting.

My music changes along with me. When I soar, it’s rocking and rolling with me. When I am tired, it lulls me with its sweet nostalgic sound. When I am down, it cries along with me.

My body sways along with the tempo of my own, whenever it fails me there is one guiding tune. Whenever I need direction I looked up and ask for the maestro to guide my song. He never fails to give one. Always.

I often make a wrong move. I even step on my own toes. It can be overwhelming that I want to shut it off! Blank my mind so that I can’t hear. No more!

But….the music keeps on playing. It soothes, it heals, inviting again.

And I can’t linger, no matter how I try, it will never stop. I will keep on dancing. Like a dancer shyly kept on dancing. Feeling the judges whispering but kept on. Admiring, judging, laughing…

Looking at my feet, tracking my steps. Swaying and swirling. Letting the judges faces fades along with the background. Till I can hear them no more but only the music.

My music, playing from the depths of my soul.

They don’t matter for this is mine. Me, dancing to the music of my life. I’ll sway along with the rhythm. I’ll take control of my step till the music’s entwined with me. Will try not to lose control, will try to never miss a step.

I’ll smile. I’ll laugh. I’ll cry. I’ll hurt, I’ll feel everything. But I’ll never fail for this is my song.

And I’ll keep on dancing every day of my life…

by Ritchelle Ching

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