Crystal Moon

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

She stood before the lake with her back turned

There in her hands was a crystal moon

It shone lightly in her hands as the sky turned black

“You know, you have to return that to the sky, right?”

A man stated as he glanced up towards the inky black night

She let out a frustrated sigh as she attempted to hide her wicked smile

“Return it and wipe that grin off your face.”

“You don’t want me to report you to your mother again?”

He retorted while not moving a muscle to see her.

She groaned under her breath as she did what she was told.

“I’ll go buy you a crystal moon necklace the next time we’re home.”

He requested as she muttered to herself.

“I prefer to have the real thing.”

Guest Poet

Elyse Cunningham

Elyse Cunningham is a short story blogger, podcaster, and lover of fantasy/fiction.

  • Ellyse Cunningham is a lover of fantasy and fiction. She runs a blog that is currently doing a miniseries diary-style entries on characters from a fantasy story she is currently editing. She also writes on a website called Medium; for anyone interested, please look for Elyse Cunningham on there. If you enjoy her work, please leave a comment.

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