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Crimelda was the fairest of the fair
A vixen with whom none could compare
Many a dark night in musing thought
My sweet Crimelda I had caught
But morning always brought despair
As my dreams vanished into air
And Crimelda whom I held so dear
Was never near
In life Crimelda had no time for me
I was an undertaker sad and lonely
My job was humble, vile and grim
And then there was of course him
The one who stole Crimelda’s heart
The one I envied longing for his part
He was Michael a handsome lad
It seemed laughter he always had
And his father was a man of money
And thus Michael captivated my honey
Time passed for it has no choice
To Crimelda I dared not raise my voice
Not even a good morning or a hello
Though I truly loved her so
And Michael adorned her with attention
In a million ways too many to mention
And Crimelda she seemed happy in life
To one day become Michael’s wife
But fate is cruel in many ways
And Crimelda was cut short in her days
The plague inflicted her soul
And festering sores took control
From rotting flesh Michael fled
And soon Crimelda was dead
There was no funeral for the lass
The village was glad for her to pass
For despite Crimelda being so dear
The sickness brought panic and fear
And I in my lonesome role
Gained Crimelda’s body in my control
At last I had gained my greatest desire
But Crimelda’s body was destined for fire
For only flames would purge the ill
But such was not my will
I played myself a clever ruse
Another corpse I did use
And thus Crimelda’s body was spared
To risk it all, yes I dared
If the whole world died I cared not
I was an outcast one forgot
So Crimelda found a home brand new
I was in heaven yes it was true
But soon hell broke its chains
The village was inflicted with pains
A baby was stillborn the color blue
Others got fevers the sickness grew
The wise doctor was humbled to a fool
But the village deserved their fate so cruel
For I was long ridiculed and mocked
When I confessed the truth how they were shocked
In a roar they arose to investigate
I was bound and gagged with utter hate
The deed was so foul they thought I lied
But the truth could not be denied
As a swarm of locusts they descended
I fathomed my time had ended
Bursting down my door they entered in
Only to hear curses full of sin
“That hell of an undertaker”
“He is one royal joker, a true faker”
And I was released to be free
For truly my house it was empty
Perplexed I wondered of their find
Had it been that I lost my mind
For Crimelda was nowhere to be seen
What in heaven’s name did it mean?
So late that night I lay on bed
Crimelda was there in my head
Lovely as in the prime of her youth
Until then I discovered the truth
I heard a knocking upon my door
In fright I stalled, but it came some more
With caution I opened the portal
To view the most wonderful soul
There Crimelda stood shining in grace
A wicked smile encompassed her face
For silent moments did she linger
Then she beckoned with a skeletal finger
I had no will I could but obey
I wanted to speak but found no word to say
We walked into the night under the moon
The cricket and owls sung an eerie tune
The two of us we made no sound
We walked together in familiar ground
Into the cemetery that I held so dear
For once it struck me with greatest fear
Together Crimelda led with no hesitation
I knew for certain our destination
It was to the tombstone that bore her name
I pondered what was my true love’s game?
At the sight of the grave our journey did cease
I read the marker saying ‘rest in peace’
Then I finally came and understood
I did evil though I meant only good
For though I loved Crimelda the best
I had deprived her of her blessed rest
For truly I should have rightfully known
That heaven would have been Crimelda’s home
In truth with saddest words I tell
In my desire I had delivered hell
But why I wondered such a long delay
And what perchance was the price to pay
For keeping one so fair from paradise
Then cold wind blew and my soul it did slice
I then understood my part
That I had truly captured Crimelda’s heart
That from a distance she loved me from far
And my broken heart burst from the scar
The wound roared and raged
On the day Crimelda and Michael were engaged
For Crimelda’s family were meek and poor
How could I not see the truth before?
She came Crimelda and planted a kiss
I felt rapture and a thrilling bliss
Darkness twirled inside of my head
And of the matter there is nothing more said
For Crimelda had inflicted her pillage
On the lonesome and wicked village
Who allowed true love to perish
For Crimelda in her last wish
Prayed a prayer that we be wed
And thus happily I joined the world of the dead

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