Casu Poenitet

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash
It was a curious looking place 
With a slightly faded façade 
Cast in the orange hues of dusks final rays 
To bask the bricks in farewell daubs

Sweet scent of pipe smoke drifts hint of malaise 
From a grey haired gentleman’s draw 
Standing by the door of the Casu Poenitet 
He glanced the entrance with a nod

My skin raised from the draft as I made my way 
To the shadowy café bar 
Many odd spirits were placed on display 
Names like Reproach and Ache Bizarre

“Perhaps I’ll just have the house cabernet” 
I said with hesitant tone 
The barmaid poured with an air of dismay 
Filling my glass with a faint groan

I sipped the bittersweet wine and surveyed 
The room from the back bar mirror 
To see the scenes of past sorrows replay 
And many dark faces get clearer

Wishing to escape this wretched soiree 
As these visions up welled to tears 
“Dear barmaid this wine has a strange bouquet, 
It seems to be laced with old fears!”

“Sir, you ordered contrition cabernet 
This one’s from a very good year 
Look now, here comes your lost love cabaret’s 
Lonesome backwash of insincere!”

Although I tried I could not look away 
From all of the anguish and pain 
Watching the pieces of my hearts decay 
I collapsed from the vivid refrains

The next thing that I recall from that day 
Is my young self embracing me 
My tears fell upon all that I betrayed 
And watching them slowly break free

This retinue of woe’s grand cavalcade 
Was beaming in smiles as they fade 
“all of this…” I heard a faint whisper say; 
“Made you… the man you are today”

Now if you visit the Casu Poenitet 
Be sure to tip the bartender 
Café Regret when it is Latin phrased 
A place you’ll always remember

  • Robert owns an antiques & vintage clothing store that's also an art gallery and vegan restaurant. He uses the space as a venue for poetry and music, as well as filming and photography. He is an aesthete with a deep love for artful expressions in myriad forms who enjoys writing and the musical arts.

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