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To further help other authors and get my books in front of readers, I signed up for Bookfunnel a few days ago after catching a youtube video about it. I’m hooked.

This platform gives authors the ability to upload their books and create outstanding landing pages with ease.

Landing Page Example

Landing Page Example

And so much more. One exciting feature is book promos. Once you create a landing page, you can then join other authors in promos. It’s a great way to further your fan-base and build your newsletter mailing list.

Promo Page Example

Example Promo Page

I haven’t had a chance to dig in too much, but I will keep you posted. The one lesson I learned with online marketing is never to put all your eggs in one basket. If you do, your business can be wiped out in one flip of a switch.

Bookfunnel also integrates with Draft2Digital. It helps you publish your books to multiple online stores with a single flip of a switch, including amazon. And the best part of their service, ZERO upfront cost.

I will be posting some real work reviews on how to market your books. But for now, if you are an author, check out Bookfunnel. It can help you grow as a writer.

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