And The Beat Goes On …

Image by Shift and Sheriff from Pixabay

And The Beat Goes On …
But the same end awaits us all

The struggles, the challenges, the burdens of life
the daily strives that pillory us all
with the first stirrings of dawn, they unfailingly appear
at the rising of the sun, they come.

Before we break the morning fast
even as the alarm set goes off
as the sunlight starts to clear its heavy eyes
even before the cockcrows at dawn.

The day begins with its rumblings and grumblings:
the homeless in the street, the suits with their suitcases
the mom corralling her unruly kids
great and small, we are all bogged down
with the cares and the burdens of life.

The hustle, the bustle, the haggling with life
either trying to make a living
or stirring up some mischief
with a sucker born every minute
or a conqueror vying somewhere to succeed.

From dusk to dawn, they struggle and they strive
exhausted and spent they retreat to their dens
their cribs, their rooms, their mansions galore
or whatever foxhole they lay their heads
as their eyelids begin to bear
the weight of a days activity gone by.

And as they slumber to sleep
both great and small
just remember the incontrovertible fact
that the same fate awaits us all.

  • Eze is a writer, software engineer and life enthusiast.

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