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I searched my heart to tell you nothing but the truth.
I searched for words of wisdom, but nothing rang true.
I listened to your concepts – I listened through and through.
But I couldn’t help you – not even with the truth.
Sometimes you were relentless on the path to self-destruct.
But your kindness always stayed in my heart.
I see your face still shining – although your spirit left.
While I sat and thought how I will lay him to rest,
I looked at my mortality and thought how this can be.
Knowing this is not the natural order of things.
I screamed inside and said, “God, please!!
This is my baby brother who died before me!”
I thought of all the moments that passed before me.
I thought of how I should have used them more passionately.
When the wake was over, I paid my last respects.
I looked at you so peaceful and realized my regrets.

  • A retired Registered Nurse who lives in beautiful Florida. She started writing in September 2018 and have completed her Memoir. She is currently working on a book that encompasses a collection of Fairy tales.

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