Agony of Man

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

(For my Dad)

From the tide of the sea
To the feet of a tree
Stands a man on his feet
Patient enough to make peace

From the East comes a beast
Firmly stands the man of the feast
From the west comes a hiss
Endevoured he is to avoid a betrayal kiss

A boy of yesterday
Is a man of today
What would be of him?
Will he be needed or be in need?

From his baptism
Comes his criticism
From his salvation
Comes his destruction

A man of strength & power
Who lost his pride & dignity in hour
Consoled by none
In his bitterness & burns

His doings he fakes
His mistakes he takes
With a face full of regret
In a world of neglect

An entangled fate searching for redemption
Striving to survive in a nation
Championed by the rich & wealthy
Assemblage of the sick & healthy

Fashioned & enhanced, he looks
Ripped & drained, he loose
Fighting with the rules, regulations & norms
In a society of do’s and does

From his hardwork and diligence, he gains no trophy
Lost and confused he is, filled with agony
Shattered visions of a promising youth
Led astray on a tartared boot

The quest for money he seeks
The best of nothing he gets
Depression he feeds on
Sorrows he lies on

Haunted by his past
Caught by his present
Confused about his Future,
Trials and Temptations
Envy, Lies and Frustration

Accumulated anger of unknown source
Vested on his people for unknown purpose
Is the battle between the beauty and the beast?
Or a battle of fate or faith?

Whom to tell without laughing
And who is to hear without mocking
Born from the woman womb
Dies in a weeping tomb

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