About Written Tales

Who is behind Written Tales?

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Kevin, a writer just like you trying to build a reader base.


I was tired of how the publishing business works. How the entire process can discourage new authors. Then a cord struck within, I had a desire to create a magazine to help readers and writers connect. A space to help authors grow their talent and promote the work they write. And from this “Written Tales” was born.

The Goal

The goal of Written Tales is to give new and seasoned writers a place where they have an uncensored voice. A world stage where their work can reach maximum exposure through multiple platforms.

Without creative arts, innovation will die. Society will tumble into the abyss of ignorance. And critical thinking will become a lost art. Writers need an uncensored platform for their voices, and a community to help them grow. Because of this need, I personally fund the project because I believe in the cause.


We are not reckless in what we publish, but we are open-minded. We believe in free speech and will protect it, even if we do not agree with the author’s position. Some creative works may offend, others will bring happiness. And this is the beauty of a platform that does not restrict a person’s view. Again, we will not publish reckless writing. But writing that leads to lively debate, we will.

Final Comments

We are here to help bring literature back to the forefront of society through short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

If you would like to be a part of this cause, please join as an author or support us by signing up for the Written Tales newsletter.

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