A Season To Reflect

It's a season of unrest,
a reason to reflect
upon the temporality
of things, of people —
the abrupt losses
before we truly find;
Life's but what's lived
amidst unsettling chaos.

In the trek towards
the peak of meaning,
amongst rocks and ridges,
strength if we find;
seeds of joy growing strong
among plants of gratitude
and relentless hope;
amidst our stumbles
we'd still have gained
a few true companions.

As we tread on
these marvelous heights,
in moments of rest
if we look around
we might behold,
life in all its beauty;
the hurdles behind us:
tiny fading specks.
We might see, perhaps,
life in all its true meaning:
the value of joy over success,
resilience over excess-
'Tis the season to reflect.
  • Mother and Wife, trying to live life to the fullest and share my experiences on the way.

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