A Crappy Affair

Image by Layers from Pixabay

I have no life. I have no fear.
Yet, to him. I am so Dear.

A day doesn’t pass. When we don’t meet.
He’s seen me barren. I’ve felt his heat.

I’ve seen his shit. Through think and thin.
Him The Joker. Me Harley Quinn.

I am the epitome. Of use and throw.
In summer. In winter. In autumn. In snow.

Holding me tight. With strong of his fist.
In days to come. I’ll cease to exist.

For me to be. He has to pay.
But tears me apart. Every day.

And after he’s done. Touching all of me.
Can’t stop the urge. For a finale pee.

I feel so used. I feel so rotten.
In moment of truth. Our relation forgotten.

We then bid goodbye. As he lets me caper.
Down the drain I go. His Toilet Paper.

Guest Poet

A.V. Narang

A.V. is a salesman in the day. Writer at night. Visit him at facebook.com/narang.anuj.

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