I keep having this dream
I don’t know what it means
It’s nothing profound, or so it seems?
I keep dreaming I’m dating G-Eazy
You might find this, just a little bit sleezy?
What can I say? My subconscious is a beezy
We’re somewhere in Spain, “Please call me by my real name.”
I say, “You’re not the only one! I’ve got bars too!” He chuckles and glances back, “Oh I know you do. But I see it in your eyes, you’re shy too.”
I googled, “What does it mean? A celebrity dream?”
The consensus, “The celebrity you dream of possesses talents that you yourself have. They represent your ambition.”
Dare I ascertain this dream to fruition?
I’ll tell anyone who will listen!
Fantasizing about a man I’ve never met, that’s the 2019 human condition
Does he dream about me too?
Of course, not in the way I do
For I know all his songs and way of heart
But he’s never heard of me, I wouldn’t know where to start
This is all feeling very “Superstar” and Tim McGraw. It worked for T Swift, but for K Mad? Is it too raw?
I can’t have a normal job. For me, that’s too sad. And weird and lame.
They don’t want me anyway. I’ll get fired everyday. I didn’t want to say — but I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to meh.
But still, this dream of mine, it’s happened twice, to what do I derive?
G-Eazy keeps it real he says he ain’t “Got an ounce of chill.” Well guess what? Me neither. Check out my f*cking fever.
Do I wanna be famous? I’m more about making a difference. But how much of a difference can I make when the world is so indifferent?
I used to think it was possible, but now I think not. In this world when all that matters is what you’ve got. I besot. A life of the have nots. My money has never been far away. But sh*t she never really stays.
I’m a Pisces, prone to a life of chaos and upheaval. Celebrity on top of that? Sounds f*cking evil.
My therapist says I need to be going. I told her not right now, the cash stopped flowing.
But what if I wrote for a living? Really wrote. Songs, poems, a bunch of f*cking books. Then I could always go to therapy and only worry about a hook.
Perhaps this career is something I contrive but attempt to covert?
Or doth protest, do I really want to G-Eazy looking up my skirt?

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