11 Reasons Why

Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay

11 reasons lag behind foot;
spouting their insolence
until they glue to the bottoms
of your sole.
You whisper secrets in each ear,
pray to the Gods’ of solitude.
Words simmer through my spirit
until infused in every vein.
Did you think truth were prisoner,
held captive to weakness?
11 reasons grip your tongue,
choke the language of hope.
I know you are guilty;
grey shines from sight
on the final verdict.
The first when
you trip another
to disguise your pain;
falling on the weight of innocence.
The second arrives
when you surrender truth
for the ease of fear.
Why not awaken?
Sin drips with hatred
on the third day;
tear away the beauty
that froze your touch.
You hurl four daggers
into the heart
of an innocent woman.
Five times she struggles
for breathe against
the onslaught of your hatred.
On sixth encounter
guilt gnaws at your gut;
niggling with truth
as love vacates your soul.
The seventh day
delivers the blow of karma;
a bullet tears apart
a flimsy façade of arrogance.
Your chest is ripped bare
when the eighth victim arrives;
she collected broken shards
of your heart to pierce flesh.
The wounds keep weeping
with the pain
you try to adorn.
She watches you limp away;
satisfaction at justice served.
The ninth day awakens
a self-hatred that wafts
down the hall;
the building shakes
beneath pent up rage.
You exile pain to every corridor
absent of your touch.
The haunting begins,
shadows call your name.
On the tenth night
you wake to a cold sweat;
whiskey poured from lung
until it sung upon your breathe.
There is a face you
could never shake from history;
shackle her with fear
until she hung on mind,
cast a beautiful hand upon your chest.
How you tried to pummel her memory;
destroy every woman
who captured her glow.
The eleventh morning
rolls on sight;
light flickers from the jar
of hearts you ripped
from lovers’ chest.
Captivated by a love
that would never
stroke a cheek.
11 reasons why a mirror
turns from sight
when your image casts its glow.
This woman you call ‘Mother’
from whom it all began;
love that carved a trail
of shattered hearts in your wake.

Guest Poet

Cherish Osborne

Cherish Osborne is a Poet and Author of four poetry books. She infuses her writing with a comprehensive understanding of the human condition. Love is the foundation of her poetry, expressing passion through language. This poem is an excerpt from Blue Moon Horizon. Visit her at cherishosborne.com.

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